Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reflections: City Plaza

One late afternoon, during my vacation, we visited the city corniche I thought is still a lively place. Behind is a city hall and plaza and I noticed tremendous change in the landscape. People crowded the place with all goods and various stuffs for sale displayed in rolling stores. It becomes a commercial district of makeshift store. The park, littered with all sort of trash, looks like a refugee camp. Although, the waves are still there pounding the shores, you only see but unable to concentrate and appreciate its beauty due to the noise emanating from different angles. The scene is similar to a "barrio fiesta" where people celebrate the annual festivities with their close relatives. Nearby is a pier with one or more ships docked in all sides. Passengers normally commute by sea to another city in an overnight trip. One can hear the deafening whistle coming from the ship signaling it is time to depart. I have seen that big ships are coming in from other ports. The ships actually obstructed the view of the sunset.
I can only conclude, with all these unpleasant sceneries, that people have migrated from some place and come to this lovely city to earn their livelihood, notwithstanding its impact on the environment.
The city plaza was once a perfect place to relax. When I was a teenager, I used to stroll along the shore dike with my friends and enjoyed seeing kids playing in the park covered with green grass. The place was silent and only you can hear the melancholic sound of the waves as its fragments hit the pebbles in the shore. What a nice place to refresh one's self from busy life. The pier was only small at that time and I was able to witness the sunset and took some pictures for our family album. But now everything is gone.

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