Sunday, April 27, 2008

Make your weekend refreshing and a memorable one...

Some of the beautiful spots where one can relax during weekends.

Sightseeing or going to a beach.
Enjoy paddling the canoe.

Expats called it the "red sand."
For me, I have known of two weekends. Saturdays and Sundays in most countries; while Thursdays and Fridays in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. How you will spend your weekends depend on your budget and places you like best to enjoy your two days off outside from your homes or cubicles in your offices.

In Riyadh, expats have their own version of an escapade from the busy life in the city. Expatriates of different nationalities always love to see the beautiful sceneries just few kilometers away. Enjoying the morning view in the desert is just fantastic. Sometimes we have to commune with nature -the sands and the rocks and just feel the wind and admire the beauty of nature’s gift.

I have found also a best place to go if we want to be refreshed completely. In my opinion, going to the beach or sea - swimming, sailing or canoeing would be great. Breath the fresh air and feel the sea breeze. By refreshing yourself, your body will be ready again for the activities in the next couple of days.

Wherever you spend your weekends, just make sure you will find enjoyment and refreshing, too.
(Photo credits: Enncrave- Philippines and Saudi Arabia)

Friday, April 25, 2008

"Help Keep A Child Healthy..."

The Child Health Site

Once again, I am inviting you to visit The Child Health Site which provides "many free ways to help protect and care for children in need." One of the ways is quoted below from the website:

"How You Can Help In Mere Seconds — Every Day
The Child Health Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness as well as prevent and treat devastating childhood illness every day — through easy and quick online activities.

With a simple, daily click of the blue "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Child Health Site, visitors help children. Visitors pay nothing. The treatments and preventative services described above are paid for by our site sponsors and accomplished through our charitable partners, Mercy Corps, the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Helen Keller International.

Please remember to click every day to help children get and stay healthy, and to give hope to future generations. Every click counts in the life and health of a child."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Defeat Hunger: "Free Ways to Help"

The Hunger Site

There are free ways to help fight hunger. As quoted from the LLC. website:

"How You Can Help In Mere Seconds — Every Day

The Hunger Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness and prevent hunger deaths every day — through easy and quick online activities.

With a simple, daily click of the yellow "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Hunger Site, visitors help provide food to those in need. Visitors pay nothing. Food is paid for by the site's sponsors and distributed by Mercy Corps worldwide and by America's Second Harvest to food banks throughout the United States.

Please remember to click every day to give help and hope to those most in need. Every click counts in the life of a hungry person."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Support The Fight Against World Hunger

Help end world hunger
I have spoken to my colleagues about the free rice game and some of them said: "Why don't we just send our monetary contributions." And I told them that this is another way of helping the poor where only time and patience are required. To treat this as a refresher course that will enhance your vocabulary skills and provide enjoyment when you click the correct meaning of the word.

Honestly, the first time we played this game my kids enjoyed it and created an instant bonding among family members.

Manifest your support and make it a habit to play the game everyday and somebody, somewhere, shall benefit from your action.

The following statement is quoted from the Press section of the

“Every grain of rice is essential in the fight against hunger . . . FreeRice really hits home how the Web can be harnessed to raise awareness and funds for the world’s number one emergency.”- UN World Food Program

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Master your English vocabulary and donate.....

For the past few days, we have been reading news on the worldwide food crisis. The prices of basic commodities notably, rice, has soared and caused hunger and violence in various countries. While I was searching for an image of rice stalks or grains to be featured in this site, I found a website related to UN World Food Program.
The website is which is unique in the sense that while you master your English vocabulary you also have the opportunity to donate 20 grains of rice for every click on the correct answer. Collectively, it translates to over 27 billion grains of rice donated todate to the program according to the website statement. I heartily call on every one to do this simple educational exercise and help alleviate the suffering of our poor neighbors.

Rice Plantation

Rice Stalks

Source: WIKIMEDIACommons

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reflections: City Plaza

One late afternoon, during my vacation, we visited the city corniche I thought is still a lively place. Behind is a city hall and plaza and I noticed tremendous change in the landscape. People crowded the place with all goods and various stuffs for sale displayed in rolling stores. It becomes a commercial district of makeshift store. The park, littered with all sort of trash, looks like a refugee camp. Although, the waves are still there pounding the shores, you only see but unable to concentrate and appreciate its beauty due to the noise emanating from different angles. The scene is similar to a "barrio fiesta" where people celebrate the annual festivities with their close relatives. Nearby is a pier with one or more ships docked in all sides. Passengers normally commute by sea to another city in an overnight trip. One can hear the deafening whistle coming from the ship signaling it is time to depart. I have seen that big ships are coming in from other ports. The ships actually obstructed the view of the sunset.
I can only conclude, with all these unpleasant sceneries, that people have migrated from some place and come to this lovely city to earn their livelihood, notwithstanding its impact on the environment.
The city plaza was once a perfect place to relax. When I was a teenager, I used to stroll along the shore dike with my friends and enjoyed seeing kids playing in the park covered with green grass. The place was silent and only you can hear the melancholic sound of the waves as its fragments hit the pebbles in the shore. What a nice place to refresh one's self from busy life. The pier was only small at that time and I was able to witness the sunset and took some pictures for our family album. But now everything is gone.