Sunday, July 22, 2007

"You lack communication skills..." an alibi??

"You lack communication skills," I often heard this remark in the
workplace. The worst thing, the remark is translated into a low
rating in staff's performance evaluation. I have known a colleague
who was always subjected to this remark in his performance
appraisal, inspite of the fact that he speaks English well and he
writes some articles in a local English newspaper. He even surpass
his boss in the correct usage of English grammar. But one thing I
have noticed with my colleague is that he is a silent top performer,
I mean, he does not brag or shout to the world his achievement.
He remains cool inspite of the soaring temperature in this part of
the world at 43 degrees celsius. I have suspicion it was just an
alibi since we found out that the boss has a so-called "favorite son."
Thanks God, he was gone for good and my colleague has just
recovered from the trauma. Hopefully, he will get a fair share
this time.

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hi!!!your topic is surely an eye-opener to the silent worker since nowadays being silent doesn't work...