Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tip from my kitchen..."sharpen your knife with a ceramic cup."

I have four kids in school and since we have no household helper, I do the task of cooking the food, washing dishes, and all that kitchen routine stuff. Here's my schedule, sort of a daily script:

Wake up early morning at 4:30am;
Prepare the food for the kids' breakfast;
Breakfast is ready and served at around 5:30am;

Meanwhile, my wife is busy attending to the kids uniform for the day and do some fixes on their school requirements, pack lunches, etc. While I was slicing the beef, I noticed that the knife was not sharp enough to have a clean cut. In a hurry, I got hold of our ceramic cup and I just slide back and forth the edge of the knife three times and its sharpness restored. So don't forget... a knife against the ceramic cup. By the way, my cup is "MADE IN CHINA..."

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shantzee said...

heLlo!,y0ur practical tip will be of great help to any household.