Thursday, July 26, 2007

A piece of advice..."negotiate effectively."

When somebody ask for a raise, promotion or some form of benefits to uplift oneself economically, it calls for a lot of planning, strategy, and proper communication in order to achieve all these things. There must be a proper forum to present and address the issues of both sides. It would be a great step if both parties are brought face to face and tackle to find solutions for the underlying problems and explore the "give and take" process. Sometimes, out of anger, we tend to make hasty decisions and rush to conclusions, accusing and throwing to the public allegedly a "dirty linen." To hurl inappropriate personal revelations, is a waste of time and pave the way for failure and it will just unnecessarily sow bitterness and resentment on both sides. First of all, we are not in a position to prejudge. My advice is to come to the open, present your case since we have all the right to negotiate. We should be talking business and not personal matters. Stick to the demands and as long as it is meet or a fair bargaining is achieved, we can conclude that negotiation is successful. It is not a hopeless case and no need to create enemies. In this way, a friendly atmosphere will be maintained and feeling of respect is always there.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tip from my kitchen..."sharpen your knife with a ceramic cup."

I have four kids in school and since we have no household helper, I do the task of cooking the food, washing dishes, and all that kitchen routine stuff. Here's my schedule, sort of a daily script:

Wake up early morning at 4:30am;
Prepare the food for the kids' breakfast;
Breakfast is ready and served at around 5:30am;

Meanwhile, my wife is busy attending to the kids uniform for the day and do some fixes on their school requirements, pack lunches, etc. While I was slicing the beef, I noticed that the knife was not sharp enough to have a clean cut. In a hurry, I got hold of our ceramic cup and I just slide back and forth the edge of the knife three times and its sharpness restored. So don't forget... a knife against the ceramic cup. By the way, my cup is "MADE IN CHINA..."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"You lack communication skills..." an alibi??

"You lack communication skills," I often heard this remark in the
workplace. The worst thing, the remark is translated into a low
rating in staff's performance evaluation. I have known a colleague
who was always subjected to this remark in his performance
appraisal, inspite of the fact that he speaks English well and he
writes some articles in a local English newspaper. He even surpass
his boss in the correct usage of English grammar. But one thing I
have noticed with my colleague is that he is a silent top performer,
I mean, he does not brag or shout to the world his achievement.
He remains cool inspite of the soaring temperature in this part of
the world at 43 degrees celsius. I have suspicion it was just an
alibi since we found out that the boss has a so-called "favorite son."
Thanks God, he was gone for good and my colleague has just
recovered from the trauma. Hopefully, he will get a fair share
this time.